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I have been neglecting my blog again… so here’s a cute video of Betty trying to get the new puppy that lives next to the off-leash park to play.

Betty isn’t so sure about the elliptical…


Happy Monday – here’s Betty barking at some birds in the dog park and desperately wishing that they’d come down to play with her.


Here’s another lazy re-post of something I wrote up for the Arrowseed blog about our participation in the ACE Awards on April 5, 2014:



On April 5, 2014 the Advertising Club of Edmonton held their annual ACE Awards – celebrating the best and brightest in Edmonton’s advertising and marketing community. The Arrowseed team was happy to not only attend the event, but to be involved as silver level sponsors and provide Light Sculptures for the awards afterparty. The theme of the night – The Final Round – was a 1960s boxing theme, and we were happy to not only provide awesome lighting decore, but to also get into the spirit of the night by letting our Communications Director and Creative Director duke it out in the ring. Check out our photos and video from the night!



Arrowseed Team ACE AwardsIMG_1123IMG_1104

I’m still super busy, and still slacking off when it comes to posting, but here’s a really cute video of Betty desperately trying to get the big dogs to play with her to tide you over until I post something of substance.


The following was written by me for the Arrowseed blog regarding our re-branding and name change from Co-op Com to Arrowseed. Thanks to Michael Flood for helping to review and edit.


What’s in a name? And why ‘Arrowseed’? It’s a question we’ve encountered since we adopted our new name and brand this month.


We started out our existence in 2012 as Co-operative Communication. While Co-operative Communication was an adequate and descriptive, albeit utilitarian, name, it lacked distinctiveness. Numerous companies use the word “co-op” or “co-operative” in their name, and we found that there was never any standard abbreviation used to describe us (people often called us Co-op Com, Co-operative Com, Co-op Communication, etc). The key to a good brand, however, is not to describe, but to distinguish – something our old name and brand was failing to do.


Going into 2014, we knew that we needed to change our image to capture our new focus and to create a distinctive and distinguishable brand. After a number of brainstorming sessions spent tossing around words and ideas that we thought represented who we are and what we hope to become- we boiled it all down to two words that we felt best represented who we are and where we’ve going. We chose the word ‘arrow’ because for us, the image of an arrow inspires an image of being on target, of something taking off, or something being launched – in our case, new ideas and a new brand. The word ‘seed’ inspired images of something new, something organic, and most importantly, something that will grow. Combined, the two words created a distinctive brand And so was born Arrowseed: Launching Ideas That Grow.


So what does your brand say about you? Is it working for you? What does it convey about you? Is it something unique and distinct that inspires your clients or customers? Or does it fall flat? At Arrowseed we’re more than just technical and multimedia services, we’re creative consultants – we can help! We’re always more than happy to sit down and chat, and we might even throw a free idea or two your way. Get in touch with us today – we’ll buy the coffee.

I apologize for the lack of content as of late, as things have been quite busy in my life – almost immediately after Deep Freeze wrapped up, I was offered the position of volunteer and events coordinator for the Carrot Community Arts Coffeehouse. So since recruiting more volunteers will make my life a whole lot easier, here’s a shameless plug for volunteering at the Carrot.


The Carrot is a volunteer-powered community arts coffeehouse, run by Arts on the Ave, that sprung up amidst the arts revolution taking place on Alberta Avenue (118th Ave in Edmonton, Alberta). Arts on the Ave believes in cultivating artistic fellowship through arts celebrations, signature art festivals, and traditions – the society’s goals are to create opportunities for all individuals to experience the joy of artistic expression and to nurture creative environments, and one of the creative environments that AOTA has nurtured is the Carrot. Some of the regular programming that takes place at the Carrot includes a parents group, knitting groups, poetry groups, weekly performances every Friday night and an open mic every Saturday night.


While the Carrot has a fantastic volunteer base (I would have gone crazy about a week or more ago if they weren’t so great at helping out and filling vacant shifts), the fact is we just don’t have enough volunteers right now, so we are seeking more individuals to work as volunteer baristas on regular (weekly or biweekly) shifts. Shifts are available throughout the day (morning, afternoon, evening) on both weekdays and weekends. You don’t even need to have experience working in a cafe or restaurant – we’ll provide the training you need.


For more information on volunteering you can visit the Carrot’s website, email carrotassist@gmail.com or stop by 9351-118 Ave and fill out a volunteer application (they’re usually the orange forms right by the door).

Happy Monday. I promise I’ll post something of substance next week.


In the mean time, enjoy how cute Betty looks passed out on her back:


back sleeping Betty



Another year done – here are some photos from the 2014 Deep Freeze Festival











deep freeze fireworks

I’m not sure how these festivals always manages to sneak up on me… it seems like it was only yesterday I finished with Kaleido… but here we are, with only 5 days left to go until the 2014 Deep Freeze Festival on January 11 & 12, 2014, and we’re still in need for volunteers for a number of different areas!

In light of this I’m going to switch up things up a bit in order to plug the festival one last time today, and post cute puppy pictures later in the week.


Some of the areas we could still use extra help with, in order of priority are:

  • Set-up (Saturday, January 11 between 5:30am and 12pm)
  • Fire Monitors/Attendants (both days)
  • Outdoor Activities (Street Hockey Tournaments, Kids Activities, Wagon Rides, Rovers) (both days, but especially for Saturday)
  • French Cultural Activities (Saturday only – bilingual volunteers preferred)
  • Security (both days)
  • Info & Merch (both days)
  • Performers’ Services (both days)


The full festival schedule can be found here.


We will be having our volunteer orientation TOMORROW – Tuesday January 7 – at 6pm at the Alberta Avenue Community League (9210-118Ave). If you’ve signed up to volunteer, this is your opportunity to meet your crew leaders, the rest of your crew and to find out what you’ll be doing during the festival.

If you haven’t signed up to volunteer yet, you should! You can find out more information and fill out a volunteer application online at deepfreezefest.ca/volunteer. You can also RSVP for the volunteer orientation by emailing deepfreezevolunteers@gmail.com and then stop by the community league Tuesday evening to chat with Marie or myself and we will most definitely find you a shift!

More information about the festival and my involvement with it can be found in my first shameless plug.

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