2010 Endorsements: (Provide an Endorsement)

Brendan believes that working with people in their Ward 7 community will be a major task as a City Councillor. I support Brendan Van Alstine for Ward 7 because I know communities will find him approachable and helpful.
Michael Phair, Former City Councillor

I support Brendan because of his deep-rooted involvement in his community, his passion for this city, and his proven ability to lead positive and visible change.

I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Brendan on a number of issues including improved city transit, sustainable city development, and the role that these initiatives play in building safer, more vibrant communities. I am pleased to endorse him as a candidate.
Dave Thiele, Current City Councillor

Brendan is smart, responsible and knows what's right for the healthy future for our city. I look forward to working with Brendan now and when he is a city councillor.
David Eggen, Executive Director of Friends of Medicare, Former MLA for Edmonton-Calder

Over the past three years, I have seen Brendan Van Alstine work tirelessly to improve the quality of public transit in Edmonton. His experiences as a community advocate at City Hall and in his neighborhood have given him a solid foundation to be a strong voice for positive change on City Council.
Dave Cournoyer, Political Commentator and Award-Winning Author of Daveberta.ca

I am supporting Brendan Van Alstine because of his commitment to local business. It can be hard for us small business owners to compete in a market that has, like the rest of Canada, suffered unemployment and other economic problems. However, Brendan highlights how businesses in Ward 7 are growing with an increasing population and can flourish given community support. Brendan not only lives in his ward, but that is where he spends his money. I want a council member who represents me by walking the talk and caring about the businesses in his community.
Chris Johnson, Business Owner in Ward 7

From the Campaign Team:
Monika Penner
Brian Gould
Bryan Saunders
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I joined Brendan’s campaign because he is deeply committed to addressing issues I believe are important not only to the communities of Ward 7, but to Edmonton as a whole. His experience and vision in addressing issues of safety are especially important to me as someone who confronts these issues in my daily work.

People want to be safe in their communities, and Brendan’s approach recognizes that the City of Edmonton must support agencies that work with both victims and perpetrators of crime to establish strong community relationships and address root causes.

Brendan’s experience as a registered social worker will help build these relationships and advocate for our community’s most vulnerable. Brendan’s knowledge of the social serving and not-for-profit realm is vital to ensuring that tax dollars are spent effectively in helping individuals facing poverty, homelessness, addiction and victimization. He understands that money spent in prevention is money saved in policing and treatment.

Brendan wants to address the root causes of crime, poverty and homelessness, and his work and volunteering have that same aim. He advocates for better transit, and he uses the system. He celebrates local businesses, and he spends his money locally. I encourage my neighbours in Ward 7 to vote for someone who has been working hard for these goals long before beginning his campaign. He has the experience, and the passion – and that is why I am voting for Brendan.
Monika Penner, Volunteer Coordinator
Monika is proud to live on Alberta Ave. She works with children and adolescents victimized by sexual abuse/assault, and is involved with several community initiatives which support individuals impacted by violence.

Edmonton's transit system tends to evoke a variety of emotions, but somewhere between frustration and helplessness I found an urge to try to make things better. I wasn't sure exactly what to do with this energy, but thankfully Brendan had gotten there first and brought together a group of concerned citizens to found the Transit Riders' Union of Edmonton.

Six months later I found my deathly-afraid-of-public-speaking self holding a press conference on the steps of City Hall to kick off TRUE's first transit challenge, with four councillors ready to give up their cars for a full week. What can I say but that Brendan can really inspire passion and courage in people?

The idea that those responsible for deciding the future of Edmonton's transit system should actually ride it isn't a new one, but Brendan made it happen. And while some current councillors choose transit, bicycling, or walking for their commute, Brendan's car-free lifestyle would put a completely new and much needed needed perspective on council.
Brian Gould, Online & Print Coordinator
Brian went on to lead TRUE's Late Night Transit campaign and share Metro's In Transit column with Brendan. TRUE inspired his studies at UC Berkeley, where he completed his Master of City Planning in Transportation and Urban Design.

When Brendan first told me that he would be running for city council, it hardly came as a surprise.

After all, I’ve known Brendan for about 3 years now, and have always been awed by the passion that he has for his community.

Brendan volunteers for a number of organizations and festivals such as the Carrot Community Arts Coffeehouse, the Kaleido Family Arts Festival and other Arts on the Avenue events.

He’s also a community leader on a number of important issues including the revitalization of the 118th Avenue area, the sustainable development of the city, and several cycling and transit initiatives.

As a social worker, he regularly works with and helps the homeless and youth at risk. He has a deep understanding of the issues affecting seniors, low-income families, and new immigrants and is always the first to stand up for them.

Brendan is also a respected figure in the LGBTQ community—both for his work with the Pride Centre of Edmonton as well as his work lobbying against regressive and discriminatory legislation such as Bill 44.

As I am very involved in my community myself, I’ve had the joy of working alongside Brendan on many different occasions and for many diverse causes. And—every time that I work with him—I never cease to be amazed by Brendan’s natural ability to build consensus and to engage and to inspire others.

Brendan is caring, genuine, and a leading light to all those around him and this is why he has my support.
Bryan Saunders, Publicity & Media Coordinator
Bryan is currently studying Biological Sciences and Psychology at the University of Alberta. He is also very involved in the arts community as a volunteer, administrator, and publicist. Bryan has collaborated with Brendan on issues including improving city transit; expanding cycling infrastructure; revitalizing mature neighbourhoods in the city core; and building safer, friendlier, more environmentally and financially sustainable communities.