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I recently had the opportunity to sit down for a coffee at the Carrot with a neighbour of mine who is an officer with the Edmonton Police Service. I had asked him for a meeting because – while I certainly have my own opinions and thoughts on crime and policing in Edmonton – I wanted to get some ideas from someone who is actually out there every day doing the work.

Two of the first strategies he suggested were increasing the number of beat officers and using geographic policing. I’m a fan of both strategies because they play a big role in improving the relationships between citizens and EPS. Beat officers can be even more effective when on foot or bicycle, being more in tune with their surroundings while having a more open and visible, presence. The result is a dramatic increase in perceived safety, and a reduction in “broken windows” type problems, such as graffiti. (continue reading…)

As a proud resident of Alberta Avenue, I have had a front-row seat to Ward 7’s inspiring rebirth. As a board member of my community league, local social worker, regular volunteer at The Carrot, and transit advocate, I have worked with you to make our neighbourhood and city a better place to live.

We’ve come a long way, but to go further Ward 7 needs a councillor who lives in and understands our community – someone with a positive and proactive vision and the courage to move forward. On October 18, I hope you’ll lend me your vote.

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[Ed: This is the third in our series of posts from campaign team members. Next is Bryan Saunders, Publicity & Media Coordinator. If you are interested in an interview with Brendan, contact Bryan at BSaunders@BrendanVanAlstine.ca]

When Brendan first told me that he would be running for city council, it hardly came as a surprise.

After all, I’ve known Brendan for about 3 years now, and have always been awed by the passion that he has for his community. (continue reading…)

As some might already know, I love my bike – cycling is one of my favourite activities. It’s also my main method of transportation for the better part of the year: it’s an inexpensive, effective and reliable way to get around the city and a great way to build physical activity into my day-to-day life.

Sometimes though, biking from one community meeting to another can be a little difficult and – depending on the destination – some trips can be outright nightmares. Simply put, there are many areas in the city where the cycling infrastructure is either poorly maintained, poorly connected or absent altogether. (continue reading…)

[Ed: This is the second in our series of posts from campaign team members. Next is Brian Gould, Online & Print Coordinator. Brian wants to remind you to request a lawn sign.]

Edmonton’s transit system tends to evoke a variety of emotions, but somewhere between frustration and helplessness I found an urge to try to make things better. I wasn’t sure exactly what to do with this energy, but thankfully Brendan had gotten there first and brought together a group of concerned citizens to found the Transit Riders’ Union of Edmonton. (continue reading…)

Brendan is pleased to add to his growing list of official endorsements with this campaign endorsement from Dave Cournoyer. He’d love to add your words of support to that list.

“Over the past three years, I have seen Brendan Van Alstine work tirelessly to improve the quality of public transit in Edmonton. His experiences as a community advocate at City Hall and in his neighborhood have given him a solid foundation to be a strong voice for positive change on City Council.”

BulletDave Cournoyer, Political Commentator

Dave Cournoyer is the award-winning author of daveberta.ca and a frequent contributor to edmontonpolitics.com

City Council Candidate Brendan Van Alstine is pleased to announce an official endorsement of his campaign from current City Councillor Dave Thiele.

“I support Brendan because of his deep-rooted involvement in his community, his passion for this city, and his proven ability to lead positive and visible change.

I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Brendan on a number of issues including improved city transit, sustainable city development, and the role that these initiatives play in building safer, more vibrant communities. I am pleased to endorse him as a candidate.”

BulletDave Thiele, Current Edmonton City Councillor

Councillor Thiele participated in the 2007 and 2008 editions of the TRUE Transit Challenge, a week-long event created and organized by Brendan where city councillors give up their cars for a week to ride ETS.

An ETS guide from 1980 recently surfaced on Connect2Edmonton, and it’s worth a look for those interested in seeing how Edmonton’s transit system has changed over time. While the diagrams are interesting in their own right, it’s a little hard to tell exactly what’s happened over the past 30 years without doing a little digging. Do that digging, and you’ll be left with a question – where have all our buses gone? (continue reading…)

[Ed: This is the first in a series of posts from campaign team members. First is Monika Penner, Volunteer Coordinator. Monika’s always looking for new volunteers.]

I joined Brendan’s campaign because he is deeply committed to addressing issues I believe are important not only to the communities of Ward 7, but to Edmonton as a whole. His experience and vision in addressing issues of safety are especially important to me as someone who confronts these issues in my daily work. (continue reading…)

Our first batch of signs are officially off to the printers. While lawn signs are a mixed bag of pros and cons, we’re proud to note that our signs are printed locally and are, thanks to the city, recyclable. We’ll also try to collect as many signs as possible for recycling or future reuse.

If you have space for a sign, we need your help to show your neighbours your support. To get Brendan’s name out there, please request a sign and/or download a window sign – and while I’ve got you, can you spare a donation or lend a hand?

Thanks so much for your support,
BulletBrian Gould, Online & Print Coordinator (continue reading…)

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