Why I’m Supporting Brendan: Brian Gould

[Ed: This is the second in our series of posts from campaign team members. Next is Brian Gould, Online & Print Coordinator. Brian wants to remind you to request a lawn sign.]

Edmonton’s transit system tends to evoke a variety of emotions, but somewhere between frustration and helplessness I found an urge to try to make things better. I wasn’t sure exactly what to do with this energy, but thankfully Brendan had gotten there first and brought together a group of concerned citizens to found the Transit Riders’ Union of Edmonton.

Six months later I found my deathly-afraid-of-public-speaking self holding a press conference on the steps of City Hall to kick off TRUE’s first transit challenge, with four councillors ready to give up their cars for a full week. What can I say but that Brendan can really inspire passion and courage in people?

The idea that those responsible for deciding the future of Edmonton’s transit system should actually ride it isn’t a new one, but Brendan made it happen. And while some current councillors choose transit, bicycling, or walking for their commute, Brendan’s car-free lifestyle would put a completely new and much needed needed perspective on council.

BulletBrian Gould, Online & Print Coordinator

Brian went on to lead TRUE’s Late Night Transit campaign and share Metro’s In Transit column with Brendan. TRUE inspired his studies at UC Berkeley, where he completed his Master of City Planning in Transportation and Urban Design.

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