Why I’m Supporting Brendan: Monika Penner

[Ed: This is the first in a series of posts from campaign team members. First is Monika Penner, Volunteer Coordinator. Monika’s always looking for new volunteers.]

I joined Brendan’s campaign because he is deeply committed to addressing issues I believe are important not only to the communities of Ward 7, but to Edmonton as a whole. His experience and vision in addressing issues of safety are especially important to me as someone who confronts these issues in my daily work.

People want to be safe in their communities, and Brendan’s approach recognizes that the City of Edmonton must support agencies that work with both victims and perpetrators of crime to establish strong community relationships and address root causes.

Brendan’s experience as a registered social worker will help build these relationships and advocate for our community’s most vulnerable. Brendan’s knowledge of the social serving and not-for-profit realm is vital to ensuring that tax dollars are spent effectively in helping individuals facing poverty, homelessness, addiction and victimization. He understands that money spent in prevention is money saved in policing and treatment.

Brendan wants to address the root causes of crime, poverty and homelessness, and his work and volunteering have that same aim. He advocates for better transit, and he uses the system. He celebrates local businesses, and he spends his money locally. I encourage my neighbours in Ward 7 to vote for someone who has been working hard for these goals long before beginning his campaign. He has the experience, and the passion – and that is why I am voting for Brendan.

BulletMonika Penner, Volunteer Coordinator

Monika is proud to live on Alberta Ave. She works with children and adolescents victimized by sexual abuse/assault, and is involved with several community initiatives which support individuals impacted by violence.

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